The Health, Educational & Housing Facility Board of the County of Knox

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The County HEB issues tax-exempt bonds for public development projects or taxable bonds for private development projects that may serve a public purpose such as hospital, education and multi-family housing projects
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Apr. 14 - 4:15 PM

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The Health, Educational and Housing Facility Board of the County of Knox (County HEB) performs public functions on behalf of Knox County as authorized under state law. The County HEB undertakes the issuance of revenue bonds to finance hospital, education and multi-family housing projects.

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Board of Directors

The County HEB is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors, elected by the Knox County Commission. The County HEB does not have employees, and administrative and management services for the County HEB are provided by The Development Corporation of Knox County.

Alvin Nance
Anthony Wise
Greg McWhorter
Julie Wheeler
Leslie Mirts
Mike George
Paul Fortunato
Vice Chair
Rick Gentry
Sam Mayes
Terry Henley
Tiffany Gardner